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Liqun sunshine to distinguish true along with false, Liqun tips on how to identify genuine and phony

"Liqun the sun Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes Online identification involving true along with false" Liqun (sunshine) "cigarette can be Zhejiang cigarette smoking industry minimal liability firm products, the next is Xiaobian as outlined by many of the latest bogus cigarette traits, to create some compare, the next by Xiaobian to consult you precisely to just distinguish" Liqun (sunshine) "small field true along with false.

Structure difference comparability of smaller box brand paper: genuine cig trademark cardstock mainly uses darkish color, pre-loaded with abstract along with dynamic crimson gradient coloring block making technology, coloring block slowly changes via light for you to dark, its coloring origin can be exquisite and possesses a impression of aesthetic Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes Online dynamics; Your fake cig printing course of action is hard, the bogus degree can be poor, large block gradient influence is inadequate, the coloring origin can be thick.

Smaller box bottom level laser lazer pattern big difference comparison: real smaller box bottom level laser structure has over 10 periods the little "zhe yan" along with pinyin abbreviation "ZY" words and phrases, switch distinct angles, the little pattern along with dynamic material stamp are going to be clearly viewable; The imitation penetration of the lazer pattern towards the bottom of your fake cig is inadequate, and the issue of your miniaturized people Cigarettes Hot Sale and pinyin letters is just not clear and there isn't a dynamic material stamp.