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Precious stone lotus genuine and phony smoke detection diagram, precious stone lotus genuine and phony smoke detection

Diamond lotus cig identification diagram, so as to improve the capacity of full price businesses in order to avoid the shift of legal agreements and consumers to distinguish the potential, the just lately seized bogus "diamond (lotus)" plus the real Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Online cigarette perhaps the characteristics in the difference comparability.

Comparison involving bronzing course of action Cigarettes Wholesale differences involving trademark paper for the front involving small packing containers: genuine smaller boxes take up concave-convex bronzing technological innovation to produce the brand paper for the front involving small packing containers, with dominant three-dimensional impression of lotus along with clear lotus bud; Fake smoke over high-definition photo scanning bogus, color bronzing is just not allowed, your flower stamen can be fuzzy, the structure effect plus the real big difference exists.

Comparison involving trademark cardstock printing process in the top of smaller boxes: the making process in the top of smaller boxes involving real smokes is crystal clear and entire, and your "lotus" font in the center has a substantial sense involving concave along with convex cellular levels; The printing technique of fake cig is hard, and the center "lotus" font doesn't have a concave along with convex cellular levels, which is actually different through the printing technique of the true product.

Smaller box facet laser anti-counterfeiting technological innovation difference comparability: genuine smaller box lazer anti-counterfeiting technological innovation for significant diamond collection small precious stone, accurate setting and Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale bronzing; False cigarettes employ high-speed photo scanning technological innovation, the lazer anti-counterfeiting technology cannot be accurately located, and you'll find obvious differences while using real solutions.